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SIU, Yue Hei
Senior Lecturer

Hon. Dip.
Lingnan College

University of Essex


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 icon researchTeaching Interests:

  • Research Methods
  • Application of Statistics & SPSS

 icon aboutAdvice to students:

There are many important things in life such as wealth, fame, and talent. However, none of them is as important as having a heart of mercy.

icon researchPublication List:

蘇鑰機 及 蕭諭禧. (2013) <低位徘徊:施政報告後的特首民望>. 《明報》 - "觀點". 2013.01.22.

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蘇鑰機 及 蕭諭禧. (2012) <坐困愁城:政府面對的管治挑戰>. 《明報》 - "觀點". 2012.09.17.

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